SMS Ticketless

One of the benefits of using a modern valet system like O-Valet is the simplicity in issuing SMS tickets for valet guests. For those that don’t have access to SMS, for instance, travelers from overseas who have international phone numbers, or those that may be charged a roaming fee for each SMS message, you can simply issue a reusable plastic valet ticket or print a ticket with our print-on-demand option.

Your guests will be able to request for their vehicle in advance, pay online with their credit card, see a live-view status of their vehicle’s journey to the valet bay, tip your valet driver, and even receive a survey to rate their service on departure. Best of all, this is all touchless and requires no hand-to-hand contact, which given the recent COVID-19 pandemic, is a highly popular option for still maintaining valet service for guests without compromising the health and safety of your staff and guests.

If this doesn’t seem like the right solution for your guests, O-Valet is the only software on the market which allows you to switch between any of our 4 other ticketing methods, instantly.



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What do I need to operate with SMS Ticketless Valet?

Simplicity is the key to a ticketless system. With O-Valet, be up and running in days, not weeks.

We ship overnight and can have the product in your hands as early as the next business day.

Here is all you need to get started with O-Valet Ticketless SMS:

  • Sign up with O-Valet
  • A box of plastic key tags to affix to your guests’ car keys when you take possession of their vehicle
  • A box of plastic valet tickets to give to any guest who doesn’t want to provide or cannot provide a phone number
  • An iPhone or two for adding vehicles (including any pre-existing damage photos, captured on arrival)


guest checkin

How SMS Ticketless for Valet Works

When a guest arrives, your driver greets them and asks them for their phone number to receive their virtual valet ticket. The guest provides your driver with the car’s key, and the guest’s journey with the valet is complete.

At the same time, the guest will receive a “Welcome SMS” from O-Valet. This will provide them instructions on how to request their vehicle.

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How SMS Ticketless Request For My Vehicle Works

As the valet operator, you can choose if the guest visits a secure website link to request for their vehicle, or if they prefer to respond via SMS. Our software incorporates artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms that have been trained to understand messages and respond to your guests appropriately via SMS.

Guests have the option to defer their request time for the future as well, say, for example, 15-minutes from now, or 45-minutes from now. This provides guests with full control of their valet experience, and not the other way around like in traditional pen-and-paper valet systems, where guests must inconvenience themselves by walking up to the valet booth and waiting for their vehicle.

Guest Payment

How Online Payment Integration Works

O-Valet integrates seamlessly with many payment processors (including Square, Stripe, First Data, E-Xact, Braintree, and many more) so that guests can pay for their valet entirely online, without having to carry cash.

O-Valet also integrates with any existing payment processor you already work with, or let us provide our own payment processing services to make the process even simpler. By choosing to process with O-Valet directly, we take full responsibility for any and all chargebacks. Inquire here for a free demo.

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How Hotel PMS Integration Works

O-Valet is certified and integrates with many hotel PMS systems (including Oracle’s Opera 5.x & Cloud, Agilysys rGuest Stay, Hilton OnQ, Galaxy Lightspeed, and many more ) so that overnight parking charges can be posted to guests’ hotel folio automatically.

Upon guest arrival at your hotel, his or her reservation details will be automatically visible for your valet staff on O-Valet’s handheld and tablet devices. Once a guest’s name and date of departure are confirmed and matched with a reservation, the O-Valet system automatically links the SMS valet ticket to the guest’s booking reservation.

Typically in a pen-and-paper valet system, a night auditor will manually take a list of all valet guest vehicles and match each name to a guest reservation. The night auditor will then have a hotel PMS such as Opera open on one screen and will begin to manually search for each guest, one-by-one, finding their reservation, and adding an overnight valet charge.

O-Valet eliminates this labor process entirely by linking the valet ticket to the reservation on the curbside arrival and automatically posting the overnight valet charge every night to the guest’s reservation. Inquire here for a free demo to see how this process works.

Reports & Analytics

SMS Ticketless Key Benefits

Our valet software has many different features which make choosing SMS Ticketless an option with many key benefits:

  • Driver Tracking
  • Total Accountability
  • Revenue Control
  • Damage Photos
  • Hotel PMS Integration
  • Payment Processor Integration
  • Chargeback Protection from O-Valet
  • SMS valet ticket for true Ticketless Valet
Vehicle retrieval

Important Ticketless Valet Industries

Each industry can benefit from true ticketless, SMS-based valet ticketing. While some operations are small and some are large, O-Valet provides software to valet operations on every continent.

O-Valet has the expertise which caters to clients from all of the industries below:

  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Offices
  • Residential Towers
  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants