The Origins of O-Valet

O-Valet is the result of combined expertise between established valet professionals and software engineers. Realising that valet businesses have long-suffered from pen and paper ticketing systems, we set out to create valet automation software that allows valet operations to track employee performance, optimize their businesses with in-depth metrics and reporting, and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Our team’s combined knowledge has allowed us to bring that vision to life in the form of O-Valet.

“The valet parking industry is ever-increasingly competitive, and companies need to find innovative ways to get ahead of the competition. With SMS and ticketless options, O-Valet allows you to operate completely paperless while enhancing the guest experience.”

Adam Szabo, Founder of O-Valet



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Bringing the valet industry into the 21st century

Based in Toronto, Canada’s technology capital, O-Valet helps valet operations across North America, Central America, South Ameria, and the Middle-East to seamlessly replace old paper ticketing systems. From vehicle intake to guest payment, every step of the O-Valet experience is seamlessly connected and recorded.

Our ability to quickly adapt our software and hardware to the individual needs of each client means we can have you up and running in days, not weeks. Whether you operate a contract with 5 or 1500 vehicles per day, we can help any valet operation provide an exceptional guest experience and optimize their labor and revenue while doing so.